Lillie from Ohio

If I were asked to make a list of my top ten life experiences, Braille Beats would definitely be on that list.

This is for a variety of reasons, including new experiences, new friendships, and the things I learn that week.

I have changed so much since I started to go to Braille beats. I started going when I was ten, when I didn't know what an interval or scale really was. Now at the age of sixteen, I can identify major, minor, augmented, or diminished intervals, or harmonic or melodic scales in a matter of seconds. Braille Beats has taught me these things and so much more.

However, although it is a very pristegious music program, I personally have not just learned music concepts and skills. I gained some new cane techniques and art sskills, but I feel that one of the biggest assets to the program is the personal and social skills learned. The best part about the teaching of these skills are that they are tailored to the individual student; and rather than being taught in a classroom-like setting, they are more absorbed through conversation and action. Braille Beats has taught me to be more cooperative and understanding with different types of people. I learned more than ever that people come from different backgrounds, and that just because someone may have different ways of advocating their needs or use different skills to accomplish the same task, they may not necessarily be weird or strange. In some cases, they may turn out to be some of the best or closest friends I have ever had. Braille Beats has helped me so much, and I hope that it gets to help many more people like myself discover who they really are.



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