Emily from Ohio

I have attended Braille Beats for the last six years, and I look forward to it immensely every year.

I have grown so much musically, artistically, and independence-wise. It's amazing what activities and learning can be fit into one week.

Braille Beats welcomes a variety of musicians — not just singers and pianists. Those who play violin, trumpet, saxophone, drums, or anything else are welcome. Art class is just as fun as the musical portion of the program because even though we are blind, we are responsible for creating our projects. Students are also encouraged to work on our independence skills by cleaning up after ourselves, keeping track of our belongings, knowing when to ask for help, etc.

Even though what we do at Braille Beats is fun, I learned so much more than music theory concepts or how to make a mosaic. I learned how to be a leader as well as a team player. I learned how to expand outside my little circle and get to know others who are different than I am. I've also gained a lot of confidence at Braille Beats, which has definitely helped me during the other fifty-one weeks of the year. I'll be very sad when I can no longer attend the program, but until then, I'll continue to count down and plan for the coming year.



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